Set design/driving view/sound
  • 04 Jun 2024
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Set design/driving view/sound

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Article summary

Adjust settings

  1. On the home screen, select Menu.
  2. Select Settings.

Adjust sound/volume

  1. Select Sound.

Here you can:

  • Activate the output of sounds and speech
  • Adjust the volume of the voice and sound output

Adjust light or dark design

  1. Select Design.
  2. Select the desired design settings.

Adjust the settings of the route progress bar

  1. Select Driving view.

You can set which points of interest (gas stations, rest areas and parking areas) are to be shown to you on the route progress bar during the trip.

In the settings, activate or deactivate the switches as required.

Set driving view

You can choose between three different views of how the map should be displayed during navigation.

In the settings, select the desired driving view.


Set zoom level

You can set how close the map view is zoomed in during navigation.

  1. In settings, set the slider(1) to the desired position between Near and Far.
  2. Activate Show zoom button in navigation so the zoom level can be adjusted during navigation using the two symbols, + and -.

Adjust during navigation

You can also adjust the design and settings during navigation.

  1. Select the three dots.
  2. Select Settings (1).
  3. Adjust the settings as desired.
  4. Select the arrow (2) to return to the navigation view.

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