During navigation
  • 04 Jun 2024
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During navigation

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1Open quick menu
2Switch map view
3Route progress bar
4Switch acoustic instructions off or on
5End navigation

Route progress bar

Points of interest and disruptions on the route are displayed here.

  • The display shows a maximum of the next 75 km on the route.
  • A maximum of the next 5 events per POI are displayed, e.g. the next 5 gas stations and the next 5 rest areas.

You can select which points of interest are to be displayed in the settings.

Gas stations
Parking areas
Rest area
Traffic jam
Truck Service Shop
Truck Wash
Construction site
Road narrowing
Speed camera

Distance display

More than 2 km
to the next event
2 km and lessimage

Display during traffic jams

If you are in a traffic jam, the route progress bar shows you how long the traffic jam will last.

Show details of POIs and disruptions

  1. Tap the route progress bar to view more details about each point.
  2. Tap a desired event, such as a traffic jam, to view more details about that event and zoom in on the map.

Example traffic jam

Alternative route

Automatically displayed alternative

A note is automatically displayed to you if, for example, an alternative route is found in case of a traffic jam.

An alternative route is displayed when

  • there is a closure on the route.
  • a delay of at least 10 minutes is expected and a (minimum 5 minutes) faster alternative route is found.


Suggestion is discarded without interaction

If you do not select either the eye icon or the X symbol within 90 seconds, the route suggestion is automatically discarded and no longer displayed.

  1. Select the blue eye icon to display the route.
  2. Select the green checkmark icon (2) to select the alternative route shown in green.
    If you want to keep the original route, select the red X symbol (1).


Manually search for alternative routes

  1. Select the three dots (1).
  2. Select Search alternative route
  3. Select one of the suggested routes.


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