2. Install TinyFour
  • 15 Mar 2024
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2. Install TinyFour

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1. Attach


You have assigned the TinyFour to a vehicle/trailer in SPEDIONline.
(See 1. Set up TinyFour)

Loss of or damage to rental equipment

In the event of loss, damage (including damage to or shortening of the cable set), loss of the return shipment or loss of the SIM card, a fee of €300.00 will be charged per affected SPEDION TinyFour.

Damage to the device

Make sure that the thread of the TinyFour cable routing is tight and secure.

Damage to the device due to glue

Do not use any glue. Only attach the TinyFour using the existing adhesive pads that are already attached to the TinyFour.

Maximum distance to the Android device

If you want to pair the TinyFour with an Android device, mount the TinyFour at a maximum distance of 4 metres from the Android end device.

Do not shorten the cable set

The cable set must never be shortened.

Damage to the seal due to cable ties

Cable ties must not be used, otherwise the seal may be damaged.

1.1 Define mounting position

Option 1: Attach the TinyFour to the front wall of the trailer

The product can be attached in the area shown here on the front wall of the trailer.

Position of the TinyFour

Care must be taken to ensure that the TinyFour is not mounted too far down and not underneath metal.

Option 2: Fasten TinyFour in the cable box of the trailer

We recommend installing the TinyFour in the cable box on the front wall of the trailer.

Position of the TinyFour in the cable box

Make sure that the TinyFour is mounted as close to the front of the towing vehicle as possible.

It is recommended to position the TinyFour in a suitable place within the area marked above.
Ensure that side A is facing upwards.

1.2 Glue on TinyFour

Once you have found a suitable position for the TinyFour on the front wall of the trailer or inside the cable box, attach the TinyFour as described below.

Water damage or lack of function due to incorrect installation

The cable routing of the box must point downwards or horizontally. The cable routing must not point upwards.

  1. Clean and degrease the area where the TinyFour is to be glued. Isopropanol is recommended for cleaning.
  2. Remove the red protective film and the label from the existing adhesive pad.
  3. Stick the TinyFour onto the cleaned surface. **Please note the mounting position shown above.

2. Connect

General safety instructions

Electrical devices may only be installed and assembled by qualified electricians.

Improper installation may result in injury, e.g. due to electric shock, fire or damage to property.

Read and follow the instructions in full.

Connect the TinyFour to the vehicle/trailer as shown in the illustration.

3. Check

The TinyFour is supplied with power.

  1. Check whether the two LEDs (Navigate LED and Status LED) on the TinyFour are flashing.

You have connected the TinyFour correctly.

LED is permanently switched on?
If the LED Navigate is permanently switched on, this means that no GPS signal is found.
Solution: Check that you have installed th TinyFour with the correct side A facing upwards or forwards.
Make sure that the TinyFour is not positioned underneath metal and as high up as possible.

Further information on the LED flashing codes

  1. Open SPEDIONline or the SPEDION Portal App.
  2. Check whether the vehicle is shown on the map with a marker and a green dot.

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