• 12 Mar 2024
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Article summary

3Vehicle marker (Vehicles on the map)
4Radius search

Overview fleet module

1Main bar and sub-bar
2Fleet overview

Main bar and sub-bar

Main bar (1)- Show or hide the rest of the fleet when selecting a vehicle.
- Show or hide the history of your fleet.
Sub-bar (2)Click on the dots (3) to open the sub-bar. Here you can:
- Show or hide geofences/POI groups.
- Show or hide fleet overview.
- Show or hide the cockpit for the selected vehicle.
- Show or hide the radius search.

Arrange windows

You can freely arrange and scale the Fleet overview and Cockpit windows.

Click on the arrow icon and select the desired position.

Click on the X to close the window.

Alternatively: If no X is available, you can hide the window via the main bar.

View the fleet history

Here you can select a time in the past.
SPEDIONline shows you on the map where your vehicles were located at the desired time.
The vehicle markers are also displayed in their status at that time.

  1. Click on History in the Main bar.
  2. Select the desired time.

You can display the history up to 6 months in the past.

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