Tour overview
  • 18 Jun 2024
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Tour overview

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Article summary

You will find all tours summarised in the tour overview.
Here you can see all tours created in SPEDIONline, as well as all tours integrated by a freight forwarding software and all related information.
You can also find the same information in the Cockpit under Tours.

Overview of functions

Filter tours

In the Filter (1) section, you can filter your tours by Period, Status, Vehicle and Tour number.

Restrictions of the filters

All filters are not always taken into account at the same time:

  • You can filter for a Period, Vehicle and Status at the same time.
  • If you search for a Tour No., all tours from the last 6 months will be searched automatically (regardless of the other filters).

Filter tours by period:

  1. Click in the Period field.
  2. the Calendar opens, in which you can specify an exact time period.
  3. select an option such as Yesterday from the Day/Week/Month (6) area, the Start (7) and End (8) areas will take over your selection.
  4. in the Start (7) area you will see the start date of the period and in the End (8) area you will see the end date of the period.
    Below this, you can also specify a time in each case.

Important: You can also set the period manually via Start (7) and End (8) without selecting options from the Days/Week/Month (6) area.

  1. After you have selected the desired period, confirm this with Apply(9) or Apply and Close(9).

  2. Optional: Make the desired selection under Vehicle and Status.

  3. Click on Search or press the enter key.

The filtered tours are displayed as in Example tour (2).

Functions for the selected tour

Under (3) you have the option to delete, release and export tours.

Details of the selected tour

In the Tour (4) area, the corresponding tour is displayed with a detailed history of the tour itself, tour stops, comments and whether the tour has been read by the driver.

Under History (6) you will find all Activities of the selected tour.

Colours of the tour status


The status of the tours is displayed in different colours:

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