• 30 Apr 2024
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Article summary

1Vehicles (create and edit vehicles)
2Trailers / objects (create and edit trailers and objects)
3Users (create and edit users; manage rights)
4Drivers (create and edit drivers)
5LUCY App (invite and manage drivers; manage rights)
6TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system)
7Document management (uploading and assigning files)
8Devices (overview of your devices)
9Vehicle configuration (create and edit configurations)
10Main contractor / subcontractor
11Create group (general procedure for creating vehicle, driver and user groups)
12Edit groups (general procedure for editing vehicle, driver and user groups)

Overview Administration

Open Administration

Access to the Administration

Please note that you do not have access to the Administration with a free SPEDIONline trial account.
To gain access to the Administration and to convert your trial account into a regular account, please contact SPEDION Support.

To access the Administration, you must fulfil the following requirements:

1. In your company no user has had access to the Administration so farContact SPEDION to become the administrator for your company account. This is usually the person who registered with SPEDION for the first time.
2. There are already users with access to the Administration in your companyContact your company's SPEDIONline administrator so that they can assign you the appropriate rights to access the Administration. To be able to access the Administration, the corresponding user must have at least one administration right. Further information on assigning user rights can be found under Manage user rights.

Open Administration

  1. Open SPEDIONline at
  2. Log in with your login data.
  3. Click on Administration in the menu bar.

Navigation menu

When you have opened the Administration, you will see the menu bar with various icons on the left.

  1. Move the mouse over an icon (1) to display the name of the menu item and the associated sub-items.
  2. Click on the desired sub-item (2).


The Dashboard is at the top of the main menu.
This gives you an overview of the data for the following menu items:

#Menu itemDescription
1VehiclesNumber of vehicles
2UsersNumber of users
3DevicesNumber of devices
Move the mouse over the Device types heading to see a more detailed list.
4TrailersNumber of trailers
5DriverNumber of drivers, driver cards and driver groups
6InfoThe release note for the Administration is displayed here. The release note presents the new functions of the current version of the administration.
7Document managementList of used storage space by cost class
8Minimum requirementsHere you can see whether your devices fulfil the current minimum requirements. If all devices fulfil the requirements, this is indicated by a green tile.
If there are devices that do not fulfil the minimum requirements, this will be indicated by a red tile. Click on Show vehicles to obtain a list of the affected devices.

To open a menu item displayed in the dashboard, click on the arrow icon in the top right-hand corner of the desired field .

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